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In the earlier days of 2021, we have interacted with many sellers to understand the system of selling and buying. As we went deeper into the interactions, we found many challenges that the system is facing. 


A few of those challenges for sellers are the inability to communicate with their customers, managing their deliveries, and approach new customers. 


And as buyers, we all know the challenges we face to get trusted & quality products/services and the inability to communicate with the sellers online.

We took time to solve these challenges and came up with an idea for HelloDukaan. 


HelloDukaan is the best platform for local shopping. People can search for their favorite stores, connect with them, customize their orders, and can get them delivered or can pick them up from the stores when they are ready.

HelloDukaan Business is a platform for sellers to reach more customers, manage their deliveries, communicate with buyers to give the best shopping experience. It makes the process of getting new customers easy. The uniqueness is we give every registered seller an equal opportunity to grab customers regardless of where their store is placed on the application. 

We believe proper communication between people makes their relationship last longer and stronger. When this happens between a buyer and a seller, there’ll be a significant increase in the user experience and trust in shopping online, seller's CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost) down, higher retention rate, increase their revenue, and thus increase profits. 


We want this to be a platform providing the best-organized communication channel between sellers and buyers. 


We believe online local shopping is the best way to shop, where we get our products/services from trusted stores/businesses and almost zero fraud. 


We believe this is a game-changer.

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