10 Companies That Cleverly Differentiated Themselves From The Competition

Launching a business may not be simple at the beginning, but once you find the inspiration for a fabulous business idea, you can establish a global brand without any hassle. Many enterprises are introduced every year, but very few sustain in the competitive market. You not only require an outstanding business idea to come up with a successful business but also marketing, pricing, and product strategies to make that idea a global success. This blog will highlight a few companies that heightened the brand’s reach.

10 Companies That Cleverly Differentiated Themselves From the Competition

Let’s look at the brand differentiation of successful companies:

1. McDonald’s

McDonald’s has proven to be the most successful fast-food joint worldwide. It has around 36,000 outlets across the world. The reason behind this successful outreach is because of a wide variety of burgers, wraps, and beverages at an economical price and also serving these varieties with a regional taste preference. You can order any choice of burger, and it will cost you only around Rs. 100 to Rs 200, where most restaurants price the same burger at a higher rate. Anyone can afford a large meal at McDonald’s without compromising on the expenditure. It has established a deep trust among the food lovers that you will only get the best. Also, McDonald’s was created when not many fast-food joints were available.

Mc Donalds brand differentiation

2. Jio

In India, right from mobile recharges to groceries, Jio has dominated the industry. It has left an incredible mark on the telecommunication sector. People are demanding Jio products because of their affordability of the products. Jio has incredibly introduced 4G that made people fall in love with it. Jio provides various mobile recharge services that include discounts, OTT subscriptions, and many more without bearing any high cost. It turned out to be successful because of its pricing strategy & advanced technology. It carefully understood the demand for affordable telecom services and implemented a similar model.

JIo brand differentiation

3. Ola

People were in dire need of safe cab services to travel around the city. OLA was launched just when people needed it the most. OLA is highly demanded because of its unique rental service, ensuring safety and security. There are different travel options and ranges of pricing where if anyone needs to save money, can share a cab, and anyone who requires privacy can opt for premium ranges. Again, pricing and safety have played an essential factor in its popularity.

Ola brand differentiation

4. White Hat Jr

In today’s world, coding is considered a crucial skill that one should be equipped with. Often, people are not aware of how fun and exciting learning coding is because it is never introduced as a subject to us in school. It is something that you learn in college. To equip children with industry skills, White Hat Jr taught coding classes to children at a young age. Apart from coding, it later taught math and music classes as well. Plus, the simple marketing tagline of ‘Atmanirbhar Bano, Mazboot Bano, Kabil Bano has significantly attracted thousands of children. White Hat Jr’s one-of-a-kind business model has made it the most influential children’s app.

White Hat Jr brand differentiation

5. Patanjali

Patanjali is one of the businesses that have sold millions of products with a motto of healthy India. This business was launched to introduce healthy food options and chemical-free beauty products. What made Patanjali one of the leading businesses is its wholesome, sugar-free products and natural beauty items that are a must for a healthy life in today’s fast-moving world. They offer the same food and beauty products but without any added preservatives or chemicals at reasonable rates. It has tough competition for Hindustan Unilever and ITC.

Patanjali brand differentiation

6. Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola is an accomplished beverage brand that has globally dominated the beverage industry with its secret formula. Coca-Cola is the best brand one can think of when searching for top beverage brands globally. This brand’s water and carbonated drink can be found in local stores, restaurants, and even houses because of its distinctive flavor. You can find any taste of your choices, like cherry coke, diet coke, and so on. It has maintained the quality of the products, making people fall in love in love with them.

Coca Cola brand differentiation

7. ITC

ITC is yet another example of a successful business with a diverse presence in the FMCG sector. It has a wide variety of biscuits, chocolates, beverages, personal care products like shampoo, deodorant, and many more. You name it; they have it. ITC has launched so many brands that have powerfully delivered consumer demand. A wide variety of essential products is the primary reason behind its steady growth. All its products are high-quality and individually tested, making it easy for consumers to rely on ITC products without any second thoughts.

ITC brand differentiation

8. Swiggy

Food delivery services were only limited to the restaurant capacity, but with Swiggy, ordering food online has become a national trend. Anyone from anywhere in the country can order any food item simply with a few clicks. Swiggy became a nationwide success because it assures home delivery service even of Rs. 50. You can order the smallest quantity of food within a few minutes. Its app is simple to access, even for an amateur. Swiggy has connected local food businesses to a large customer base. There were times when few companies did not deliver at home due to affordability issues, but now companies can reach their customers without worrying about the delivery.

Swiggy brand differentiation

9. Amul

Amul is India’s largest milk product dairy company. It was founded in 1946, making it the oldest dairy company in India. Amul is the most trusted dairy brand as it has managed to deliver the best quality dairy products to people across the country. All its dairy products are made with pure milk without any added preservatives. You can get products such as cheese, ghee, butter, chocolates, and so on at any local store. Due to its strong distribution network, the outreach of Amul is so massive that not a single store does not have Amul products.

Amul brand differentiation

10. Asian Paints

Asian Paints Ltd is an Indian leading paint company that manufactures and sells top-quality paints, coatings, and home décor products. Asian paints have the most successful outcomes as they modify walls with lustrous colors and designs that add radiance to the home interiors. As the company has huge consumer data, it understands the customer requirements and customizes them accordingly. It has adopted the latest technologies and marketing strategies which have doubled its revenues over the years, making it the most fantastic painting company of all time.

Asian Paints brand differentiation

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