9 Online Business Ideas With Low Investment in India

An online business can seem challenging at first, but your time and money depend entirely on the business ideas you come up with. One fabulous business idea can change your entire business journey into a more prosperous and intriguing experience.

9 Online Business Ideas With Low Investment In India

Suppose somebody had a question about starting an online business with a low investment before advancing technology. In that case, we can understand the hesitation, but now with a global technological expansion, every business is flourishing and expanding rapidly. Do you know the reason why this is so? Recent social media attraction has convinced upcoming businesses to start their business online on any platform, whether it is Instagram, Facebook, Online selling apps, or one's website because the ultimate reach of the audience on these particular platforms is quite extensive.

The best part about starting a business these days is that there is no need for a physical place to develop and sell your product or service. You can manufacture any product at any location, and all you have to do is, sell online on social media or online selling apps.

Furthermore, the cost of starting a business online is minimal. Today, any business with low investment has drastically reduced the cost of bearing a product or service with modern marketing niches.

So, if you are wondering what business idea would be possible with low investment, then you should check out these few ideas for small businesses that have proven to be game-changers.

1. Scented Candles Business

People have been talking about candles in the past few years more than ever. The demand for scented candles is growing. Everyone prefers scented candles to enhance their interiors, and many also find them an ideal gift for birthdays or housewarming parties. Talking about the investment needed to start a candle business, let me assure you that you need minimal investment. You need to primarily invest in raw materials like wax, wick, molds, and scented oils needed to produce candles.

Apart from the raw material, you need the equipment to make these candles which involve a thermometer and pour pot. It is a small investment business from home to get started.

Candle Making Business in India, Homemade Candles

One of the famous examples you can take is Itsy Bitsy. Itsy Bitsy has managed to open 26 stores across the country by selling art and craft products. If making candles is something you love doing as a hobby, you can also start your own business out of it.

Click here to learn how to start a candle-making business in India.

2. Artificial Jewelry Business

Jewelry is something that cannot go out of style. Even when most businesses did not function, the jewelry business went on incessantly, and the demand for it remained constant throughout. According to recent statistics, you need only Rs15,000 – Rs 25,000 to start a jewelry business.

You can start your business on a social media platform or create your website.

Imitation jewelry is a recent fad among women. The trend of imitation jewelry is never-ending and will grow with the latest fashion trends. If you’re looking for a business for ladies with low investment and if you feel that imitation jewelry interests you and belongs to your expertise, you should give it a try.

Artificial Jewelry Business in India

Here’s the reference on starting an artificial jewelry business in India, click here.

3. Soap Making Business

Another business idea that has flourished during the pandemic is soap making. People always thought that soaps could only be manufactured in a factory because nobody knew how to make them. But recently, many soap makers have been posting about soap making and how enthralling it is; soap making has turned people's heads. Nobody knew it could be a business idea before.

Soap making is an art and can be pretty engaging as well. You can start making soaps at home; you don't need a factory or a large space to manufacture. As you can see making organic soaps is possible at home, you must only invest in raw materials. You will have to spend around Rs 15,000 to Rs 30,000 initially. This is one of the low investment startup ideas to get started.

Organic soaps are preferred these days due to chemicals in factory-manufactured soaps. Therefore, soap making is a beautiful business idea as the growth and demand are upscaling with a shift towards organic products.

Soap Making Business In India, Handmade Organic Soaps

Ultimate guide on how to start a soap-making business, to know click here.

4. Home Bakery Business

Every chocolate lover loves a good slice of chocolate cake. Cake has always been a kid's favorite, and adults are big fans. What business idea could be more successful than a home bakery?! Everyone loves cake and a birthday party without fail has a cake. Custom cakes are trendy, and people always assumed those professional bakers could only make custom cakes, but the trend has changed. Homemade bakers are equally skilled, and their products are preferred more because of their creativity and homemade taste.

Investment in home bakeries is very nominal. Raw materials like flour, sugar, eggs, bakery equipment, and such other materials add to hardly Rs 10,000 to Rs 15,000 investment. You think you have the talent to bake and decorate, and you should start preparing to launch your bakery.

Home Bakery Business in India, Homemade Pastries, Cakes

To know how to start a home bakery business in India, Click here

5. T-shirt Business

From kids to aged people, wearing t-shirts never go out of fashion. With this popularity, selling t-shirts online is one of the favored choices among business owners. Starting a t-shirt business at home is much easier than ever as this is a less investment, more profitable business idea.

T-shirt Business in India, Sell Tshirts Online

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6. Photography Business:

The photography business has never been easier than it is today. Over the years, the camera cost is becoming more affordable and easily accessible. Even smartphone cameras with good pixels are enough for aspiring photographers to capture great pictures. This has inspired young & passionate photographers to step into the photography world. If photography is your hobby, it's time to do a business out of it.

Photography Business in India, Sell Photos Online

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7. Dropshipping Business:

This is one of the hottest online business ideas right now. Dropshipping is a business model in which you purchase the products wholesale from the manufacturers or dropshipping suppliers and ship them directly to your customer. You just have to identify a market, find the right wholesale suppliers, and set up your online store. If you like to build an asset-light model i.e., without holding any inventory then this business model might work for you.

Dropshipping Business in India, Working model of dropshipping

8. Stamp Making Business:

Stamp Making is one of the low investment high-profit business ideas. If you have less than 10k, you can easily start this business. You may think this business has a limited scope as we think of it being used only in professional and administrative services but it’s much more than that. Many stamp-making ideas can be personalized for each of its use. These are also used in gifts, crafts, arts to decorate a scrapbook. If you think this idea works for you, make it possible.

Stamp Making Business in India, Types of stamps

To know how to start a stamp-making business, click here.

9. Reselling Business:

As the word suggests resell means you’ll buy products and materials in bulk from the wholesaler or manufacturer and sell it to your customers. If you have a little investment and want to become an entrepreneur then you can consider a reselling business right away. Sell a wide variety of products online and make it easier for the customer to find and purchase products without setting up a physical store.

Reselling Business in India, Start reselling online

These were a few low investment business ideas and small-scale business ideas that could be started from anywhere on any platform. The minimum investment required to create such businesses is limited to only Rs 10,000 to Rs 30,000.


Many business ideas in this list can seem appealing at first, so avoid diving into the first idea you see on the list. To know what business you can start, realize what you are passionate about. Make sure you select an idea that has ceaseless demand. Numerous businesses fail because of limited market opportunities for their product or service. While starting a business, do detailed research on ideas that works in 2022 and later. You do not want your business failing; therefore, analyze the recent trend and statistics. Write a business plan that wisely lists your budget and business outcomes.

The good news is that starting and scaling businesses is getting easier and better by avoiding the outlets model. Use space to store inventory, sell online, and use the best delivery solutions to run, scale, and boost your business.

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