9 Best Business Ideas in 2022 You Must Know

Are you looking for a new online business idea? It was complicated before due to persistent covid-19 problems. Business owners were afraid of their survival and restricted from taking significant steps. But now, since everything has eased down, businesses are back on their feet running more smoothly. This new year is more feasible for new business owners than the previous year. An open market provides several opportunities to start with any small business with low investment.

If you are still confused about which business you should start this year, this article will help you decide on the best low investment business ideas. Choosing an online business idea can be an arduous process, given the ongoing pandemic. Don’t worry! We will help you through it.

9 Best Business Ideas in 2022

1. Gift Store

Nowadays, gifting customized gift hampers, t-shirts, wallets, greeting cards, etc., has become a modern way of celebrating festivals and occasions. Everyone wants to surprise their loved ones with unique and special gifts. You can create digitally printed greeting cards and posters for different celebrations. You can think up creative t-shirt templates that contain references from movies or TV shows. Corporate companies these days require customized gift hampers with their logo and name on them. You can develop hampers according to the company's needs. In India, Oye Happy and igp are well-known online gifting stores that provide a wide range of customized gifts for any age group. You can take inspiration from these businesses and start your very own gifting store.

Personalized Gift Store Business Idea

2. Diet Food Items

This pandemic has changed everyone’s outlook towards health and fitness. To stay fit and healthy, people have adopted a more modern diet in their day-to-day routine. Millions follow the Keto and Vegan diet to lose weight or maintain a perfect body shape. Selling vegan or keto items is the best business idea to start this new year. You should research items preferred by vegans or keto followers, like protein bars or vegan shakes. Cater to such needs of items to appeal to diverse lifestyles. Such a business idea could make your brand popular and result in the only one in the market because of limited competition.

Diet Food Items Business Idea

3. Zero-waste Products

Every environment enthusiast highly buys Zero-waste products. Awareness about global climate change has made everyone more alert and conscious. Most prefer zero-waste products to save the environment and adopt a sustainable lifestyle. You can sell recyclable bags, and beauty products made with natural items. Sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging can be utilized. Any product that supports nature and the environment can be a huge hit—making sustainable products requires a small investment. Also, you can run this business from any corner of the world.

Zero Waste Product Business Idea, 100% Organic Reusable Bag

4. Pet Store

The most trending business idea could be to start a pet store. Pet owners often search for the best pet stores to buy pet accessories or food. You can establish a brand that sells pet products, from food to hair clips. Developing unique dog toys or clothing could attract customers looking for these products. Plus, very little competition in the market could boost your brand identity.

Pet Store Business Idea, Pet in the supermarket

5. Laptop or Mobile Phone Accessories

The market for laptop or mobile phone accessories has accelerated with the growing demand for these gadgets. There is an opportunity for young, creative minds to design modern accessories suitable to the customer’s choice. You can also offer to repair phones and laptops. Providing repairing and product services will draw more customers to your brand.

Laptop or Mobile Phone Accessories Business Idea

6. Custom Clothing Business

Custom-tailored clothing industry provides steady growth for a long period and is gaining great popularity. You can offer custom tailoring services according to the customer’s requirements. Most women prefer custom clothing because of high-priced brands and their invariable sizes. Offering custom clothing is one of the top business ideas to start within 2022.

Custom Clothing Business Idea

7. Food Truck Business

Food trucks have been a massive success in India in the past few years as you get restaurant-quality food at low prices. Opening a food truck is an exceptional small business idea. If you have a background in cooking, you can open a food truck with only 2 or 3 people. You can sell anything like ice cream, burgers, or sandwiches at affordable prices. Instead of opening a whole restaurant, a food truck will save your time and money.

Food Truck Business Idea

8. Exercising Equipment Business

Another great business idea that you could start this new year is selling different types of gym equipment. Exercising has become an integral part of everyone’s lifestyle. Today, kettlebells and dumbbells are widely used because of high-demanding exercise routines—such equipment targets various muscles that help us lose weight and gain muscles. You can sell such equipment to several gyms or sell online to customers. This business is growing with people’s changing lifestyles.

Exercise Equipment Business Idea, Image with dumbells

9. Print-On-Demand Business:

If you’re looking for less investment more profit business ideas then this business idea from home will open your doors for new beginnings. Print-On-Demand business follows a dropshipping model in which a store doesn’t hold any inventory of the product it sells but purchases them from the wholesale supplier who then ships the products directly to their customers. It is a low-risk business model as you do not need any large setups to manufacture or hold the inventory. If you are a designer or an artist who likes to sell their artwork on t-shirts, mugs, posters, etc... then you can make it a profitable business idea.

You just have to create an online store, find the right wholesale supplier, list your custom designs by adding your profit margin, and start selling online.

Print On Demand Business Idea, Working Model Of Print On Demand


Many business ideas in this list can seem appealing at first, so avoid diving into the first idea you see on the list. To know what business you can start, realize what you are passionate about. Make sure you select an idea that has ceaseless demand. Numerous businesses fail because of limited market opportunities for their product or service. While starting a business, do detailed research on ideas that works in 2022 and later. You do not want your business failing; therefore, analyze the recent trend and statistics. Write a business plan that wisely lists your budget and business outcomes. The good news is that starting and scaling businesses is getting easier and better by avoiding the outlets model. Use space to store inventory, sell online, and use the best delivery solutions to run, scale, and boost your business. When you think about selling your products/services online, think about HelloDukaan. It is an online selling app in India that connects sellers with potential buyers on a single platform. HelloDukaan provides an excellent opportunity for small businesses in India to create a customer presence. We suggest you use HelloDukaan for your business. HelloDukaan offers: 1. a free platform to set up your dream online store 2. an exclusive organized communication channel to communicate with your customers 3. HelloDukaan media to post your daily store updates, offers, etc... to stay connected with your customers and much more... We're launching our app soon. To be the earliest to experience the app, subscribe now. Don't miss out on the opportunity.

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