7 Effective Ways To Promote a Product or Service

Coming up with new products or services can be a lot of work. Launching and Promoting can become even more daunting. Launching a product might be easy, but not promoting it right can lead to major challenges. You miss a chance to acquire new customers and lose your overall money invested. If you don’t know how to market your product or service the best way possible, this blog will guide you through various methods.

7 best ways to promote a product or service:

Product promotion or service promotion can seem challenging, given the endless options to choose from. You might find difficulty in starting to promote your business or attracting customers to try your products or services. You may be confused as to which method of promotion would be ideal for your product or service. The fact is that you can find many low-cost promotion techniques that work best for your industry and audience. Below are a few ways to effectively promote your product or service.

1. Offer exclusive preview to loyal customers

Your loyal customers are the most vital part of your promotion as they may buy your product and promote it among their network. You can give a launch party to your loyal customers or give them a virtual tour of your product or service. You can even send your products for a demo to them as a giveaway. This will be a great customer engagement strategy for your business at the same time they will feel important and satisfied. It will lead to a successful marketing strategy as well.

Classy Special Offer Example for Loyal Customers

2. Google Business Profile

If you're thinking of how to promote your business locally, then try this strategy. You can promote your product or service in several ways by creating a business profile on Google. You can post about your recent product or service on Google My Business. If you want to announce your current product, you can go to What’s new on the profile and write about it. The post expires in seven days, so you may have to repost if needed.

If you have any offer or deal on a specific product, all you can do is post about it on the ‘Offer’ section of your profile. You also share pictures of your products on your Business Profile. This way, you will efficiently promote your business for free. Another best way to answer questions about your product or service is through FAQ. Your profile will have a Q&A section where you answer any product-related question. This also helps you to connect with your potential customers directly.

Google My Business Profile

3. Offer special deals

Instead of simply announcing your new product or service, you can offer special deals on them such as:

● Vouchers and Coupons

● Buy one get one offer

● Discounted pricing on that product or service

● Gift on each referral

● If you join the loyalty program, you get bonus points

These are incredible ways to promote your brand. Make sure to offer only for a limited period. Those customers with limited purchase power will feel a sense of urgency to buy the product or service.

Example on how to offer special deals

4. Social Media Contest

Since social media is gaining immense power to change brand promotion globally, you can make the absolute best of this opportunity. Social media contests are fun and engaging. You can easily connect with large followers of your business. Conducting these contest have the potential to gain 30% new customers in each campaign. If you start giveaways on Instagram or Facebook, you will likely attract new customers as they tend to grab this opportunity first to get free or discounted products. To announce your social media contest, you can use your website, social media handles, blogs, or paid ads. If you have a reasonable budget or connections with celebrities, you can even get them to post about your contest. Campaigns and contests are the most remarkable & creative ways to promote a product/service of your business on a vast platform.

Social Media Contest Example

5. Make use of Email Marketing

Everyone frequently checks their emails to get recent updates in today’s world. You can take this chance to promote your brand. Emails are a fantastic way to reach customers on a more personal level. Also, you can get subscribers sign-ups to make extra incentives.

You can run a similar social media campaign through emails. You can send a series of emails regarding your recent launches and giveaways. To get your customers to open your email, you can give attractive headlines to your email. Use graphics to make it look more appealing. You can run a successful email marketing campaign with the help of these tips.

HelloDukaan Reasons Using Email Marketing List

6. Offer complementary products

In case your product is more service-based rather than product-based, you can offer complementary services to your customers. For instance, you run a spa center and recently introduced a new facial; offer complimentary facial massage to your customers and the other services. You can offer packages to provide free services on a particular service. Doing so will attract more customers to the business, and you can effectively promote your latest services.

Offer complementary products example

7. Customer Reviews

You should share customer reviews on your website or social media handles to lure more customers into trying your products or services. Customers want honest reviews about the business to trust it, knowing people have tried the product or service already. You can ask your customers to give online reviews about your business. More than 80% of customers trust online reviews as personal recommendations.

HelloDukaan Customer Review Testimonial Instagram Story

Now, you can see that promoting products and services does not look that hard. You can easily conquer a whole new customer base with the help of these tips. These tips are suitable for all kinds of businesses, especially the ones with low budgets.

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