6 Simple Steps On How To Talk To Customers

When you offer customer service to your customers, you must provide them with high-quality service. Your customer service should not only help them with their problems but encourage a strong engagement in your product or service. While conversing with your customers, certain etiquette and manners have to be followed. You should be aware of the industry lingo that works best with the customers, including the length of the conversation. It might not go right on the first go, but working on it will help you with the best customer interaction.

6 Simple Steps On How To Talk To Customers

Here you will find a few tips on How to talk to customers i.e., one-on-one conversation with the customers.

1. Manners are important

If you see renowned companies like Apple and Google, the way they interact with the customers is so convincing. They sound so polite and warm because they approach customers with a warm welcome and end the conversation on a positive note with an eager invitation to return. Customer service starts with manners that you were taught in school. Just like you were taught in school to say ‘hello,’ ‘nice to meet you,’ ‘thank you,’ and ‘bye.’ You have to mind your manners while talking to a customer. It can be challenging to interact at first as you feel like talking to a machine but remember, there is a human on the other side.

While starting a conversation with the customers, you can address them by calling your customers name followed by ‘ma’am’ or ‘sir’ respectively. When customers talk to you, they give little insights into the problems faced by them which could help you improve your product or service, therefore don’t be afraid to say, ‘thanks!’ in the end.

How to talk to customers - Manners are important

2. Avoid the use of jargon

You should talk to a customer like you talk to someone in real life. If you feel the customer should be sorry, instead of saying “ we are sorry,” you can say “ we apologize for the inconvenience”. You can also say “ we thank you for your patience” rather than saying “thanks for waiting” as the first one sounds more polite and warm.

As they tell you their problems, you should focus on solving their problems as quickly as possible with a vocabulary they would clearly understand. You should not be using jargon that your customers don’t find easy to understand, and using it might sound condescending.

3. Always keep the conversation positive

After giving great attention to the words being used in customer conversion, it was found that using words like “but” and “actually” sounded impolite and dismissive. You should be conscious of the words you use while speaking to a customer. Talk in a way that highlights the importance of the conversation. Your tone should be soft and cheerful as you assist them in finding a solution.

You should avoid negative words like “that is not possible,” we can’t,” we don’t,” and “but” while interacting. If you feel that customers are requesting features you don’t provide anymore, replace words with, “ I will talk about this request to my team” or “ we are working on it.”

The main goal is to provide them with a feasible solution and not push them away with negative language.

How to talk to a customer - Always keep it positive

4. Don’t use conversation killers

You can start a conversation by greeting them and asking about the problem they are facing, and then begin the actual conversation. While they tell you their problems, try and listen carefully to what they say. To sound more convincing, ask them questions. This will help you keep the conversation going. Instead of asking them if they have any further questions, you can ask them if their problems are resolved. Customer service is all about relationship building. The stronger the relationship, the happier your customers are with your products & services. Make sure all their question are fully answered, and they are left with satisfactory answers. If you sincerely solve their problems with a polite conversation, they will be convinced of your care for them, and they will definitely come back.

5. Apologize for the inconvenience

It is always said, ‘Honesty always pays off.’ Honesty even pays off with the customers. If you are honest with them, they will trust you more. It can be frustrating for the customers if a company doesn’t own up to its mistake. The best way to smooth things over is by simply apologizing for your mistake. If you keep being adamant and refuse to apologize, your customers will never return to your services.

You have to remember, ‘Customer is always right.’ Convince them to stay with you by saying, “we’ll fix the issue as soon as possible,” and “we’ll try to solve the issue in no time.” Don’t forget to be polite and sincere at all times. You are on the same team, and your significant concern is solving the problem. Giving them vague answers would only drive them away from your products & services.

Check out the below email sample on how to respond to customers asking for a refund request.

How to apologize for the inconvenience

6. Never ghost them

Usually, the word ghosting is used when you go on a date, and if you don’t like the opposite person, you break all contact with them. Ghosting can seem rude as your customers won’t like being ignored.

No customer problem is going to be solved in one go. It will take several follow-ups to get an update on the issue. You will have to make sure you follow up on your customer so that their problems don’t come up again. This can be done by setting reminders on your work calendar if you think you might forget. Email is a great way to update your customer about the issue you take care of. You can email them after having two or more conversations. You can always check in with your customer to know if everything is going smoothly. This will let them know that you are available to help with anything.

Customer service either makes your brand or breaks it; thus, following a fruitful process would ensure maximum growth of your brand. If you were not aware of these tips, you could follow them in your everyday conversation with the customers. You will indeed offer exceptional customer care with your top customer service.

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