How To Choose A Business Name | 10 Key Points To Consider

A business name is significant before you start your business. You cannot run a business without a business name. It is an exciting process to choose a business name as you select from vivid catchy business name ideas that express what your business is all about. When choosing a business name, you must know what your business delivers and communicates to your customers.

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You have to choose a unique business name, and it is easy to remember as it differentiates you from your competitors and helps you stand out in the market. A business name delivers the business’s value and potential, and customers tend to associate a name with the company values.

How to create and choose a business name.

You can consider a few business name ideas before choosing the right business name for your company. These few tips will guide you through the process of selecting a business name.

1. Be creative

Choose a name that is descriptive and creative. Don’t go too general or vague. Choosing names such as Mumbai Consulting Services reflects simplicity and commonality. Such a name is not creative that would instantly leave a mark. Choose a name that highlights your company’s services but is unique at the same time.

Think creative

2. Use related keywords

Use keywords for business names but don’t stuff keywords pointlessly. These days, using simple keywords in the names is not considered trendy. But you can use a modified version of the keywords that communicate your business services. To make a business name catchy and notable, you can pick common words and use substitute versions of these words. Alternate versions of related terms in a name have successfully gained the attention of millions of customers around the world.

3. Avoid complicated names

If you are wondering how to pick a business name, you should remember that the name is not too complex and lengthy. You have to keep in mind that a business name has to be easy to understand and appealing at the same time. It has to be pleasant and memorable. Making it complicated will drive your customers away as they won’t understand the purpose of your business.

You have to avoid names that are hard to pronounce. If customers can’t pronounce, they won’t likely remember the name and quickly forget. To make your name interesting and captivating, define the business name with simple words but be creative. It is okay if you want to be exclusive, but don’t forget the purpose of the business name. If necessary, use a business name generator that may help you in getting creative ideas.

4. Be different from your competitors

When selecting a business name, avoid names similar to your competitors. Your primary target is to stand out from your competitors. A typical business name will not only look dull but unoriginal too. This would confuse the customers between your business and your competitor’s business. It will be more challenging to create unique brand names in the market with familiar businesses. Research the names of your competitors and select a name that is not similar to your competitors. Be creative and unique to create an identity.

5. Don’t use your name

Avoid using your name if you aren’t a recognized business yet. Adding your name to the business name won’t deliver what your business is about, and customers will not find it exciting.

A few businesses like Dell and PageRank have used their first names or last names as the company name. However, these companies are well-established. Make your name unique without using your name to draw more customers to your business.

6. Choose an expandable name

Select a name that can grow your business. If you sell stationery products, there might be a day when you sell books too. In that case, your name should not only focus on a specific area, i.e., stationery. Therefore, pick a name that targets your crucial market area if you ever decide to expand your business online. A name that would suit your business even after expanding to a different city or country.

7. Avoid using acronyms

Many large companies use acronyms like KFC. But since you are a new company, using acronyms will confuse your customers, and you wouldn’t want that. Sometimes, your business acronym may match with another business acronym. This will lower the chance to appear on a higher rank on search engines.

8. Make sure your business name doesn’t signify something offensive

No business owner would want to intentionally include offensive words in the business name. But it may happen accidentally objectionable in other languages or as a slang term. To check whether your business name is offensive or not, we suggest you check Enter your preferred business name and the site will look for any potential issues involved in it. If you’re wanting to expand your business abroad, you must choose a business name that’s safer to use across the world.

9. Check for the availability of name

After deciding on the business name, you also have to ensure that the name is available for you to use. If some other business already registers a name, you won’t be able to use it for your business. So, before you decide on the name, complete a thorough check on various company names, especially names related to your market. Already existing names can assist you in choosing a name that won’t be similar. You can even search for online business name ideas to know which name works best for your company. Use for trademark search and GoDaddy for the domain search.

10. Get feedback from your friends and family

Last but not least, ask your friends and family about the business name you choose. Ask them to give honest feedback on the business name. If they have any suggestions, hear them and work on them. It is always better to get opinions from different people to choose the perfect business name.

Choosing a business name is your first step towards building your company brand. Having a creative and unique name will help you develop a great first impression of potential customers. Your business will expand and grow successfully because of an excellent first impression.

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